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Bingo MagiX Review

Tacos, burritos, and fajitas are just a few of many very popular Mexican dishes. I love Mexican food; luckily, there are some really good restaurants opened, so I have a nice choice when I get cravings for some tapas, friholes, or quesadillas. The “Hot Habanero” slot is such fun to play but the only problem is that I get hungry after only a few minutes. The last time I played the slot at Bingo MagiX, it was very good even thought I had only £20 on my account and I played with a £0.75 bet. I got three scatters a few times and some nice combos so I did manage to raise my balance a little bit. Unfortunately, no other feature was within my reach this time.

Being a little bit more encouraged I was looking forward to the bingo session as well. I was sure that I wanted to play 80-ball bingo even though the card price was £0.15; interesting thing is that in this room players can enjoy patters, as well. That’s a nice and refreshing change though that change wasn’t particularly beneficial for me. The only pattern I could easily notice was that I was so close to a win, but never the winner. It was very frustrating, but it wasn’t the first time such thing happened. For example, I had over 10 cards with only two missing number quite a few times, but I was one to go winner only twice. So, it wasn’t the best session and it certainly was one I want to forget as soon as possible.

Needless to say, I got to zero rather easily, which happens rarely because one usually wins at least a couple of games. I hope this won’t happen any time soon again.


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Bingo Angels Review

I’ve been playing at Bingo Angels quite a bit these days and it’s mainly because I love the selection of slot games available there. I occasionally play bingo but the slots always seem to grab my attention. I was back again this week to play a few spins on Lost.

I started off betting $2.40 per spin to see how that went. I triggered the “Click Me” bonus back to back and won 300 credits the first time and 1200 the next. I love the graphics on Lost especially the monkey.

The payouts were decent and I seemed to be making the most of my money. I also had a few good re-spins too. Anytime there is a win the center reel will re-spin with an additional multiplier until there is no valid win. The multiplier goes up to 5x.

Before I knew it, it was time for another Click Me feature with the crazy little monkey. I won another 1200 credits which was $24. I ended up playing for 2 hours or so and could’ve kept going if it wasn’t for my dinner plans. I was so lost in Lost that I almost forgot all about going out.

I logged out but my credits were waiting for me when I got home. Sadly the evening session wasn’t nearly as good and I was broke and ready for bed!


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Bingo Hotpot Review

After some time, I got back to Bingo Hotpot, to just relax a little bit. As much as Slots are a bit neurotic, and I often find myself on the edge of my seat, I take Bingo different, and I really like to take my time and just go with the flow. Not much of a chatter, but I found myself enjoying the small talk with some roomies, even got a few good tips, and all that while I was waiting for a few bucks to come in. I played the 90 ball games mostly this time, because I was happy with the slow and steady pace.

Bingo Hotpot has a really good game selection, with some 16 rooms available. While most of them are 90 ball rooms, there are some 80 ball, 75 ball and 30 ball rooms as well, so it is a good place for those who appreciate the variety. Interesting thing that only 3 rooms are reserved for funded players, and you can play most with no deposit bonus. Note that each day you log in to this site, you do get a little bonus and a few free tickets, so if you like to play Bingo often, this is a good place to start.

The room I was playing, Red Bus, had one line, two lines and full house prizes, and if you manage to hit full house in 33 calls, there’s a nice £1000 bonus!

I was playing mostly with 5-10 cards (you get 1 free ticket for every 4 you buy), but from time to time I got wild and just bought almost 20 cards. There were 24 players online, so not bad for the competition.

I started out with bonus money, and played for almost 2 hours, staying well in the plus. What can I say, I hit those one and two lines often, but no full house in all the games I have played. I am happy that I managed to stay good, so I have leftover for the next time.


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Instant Bingo Review

Bonus Bucks can be a tricky thing but Instant Bingo allows withdrawals derived from bonus funds as long as you’re a depositor. I had some bonus money to spend so I was off and running for some instant gratification.

I entered the Desperate Housewives room for a 75-ball bingo game featuring the Waterfall pattern and a $70 prize. I bought the maximum number of cards which were only 2 cents each plus there was a card special going on of buy 6, get 3 free. So in total I had 45 cards.

I had a few minutes to spare so I just waited around. There was no way I was going to get myself into any trouble playing slots. I just remained patient until the game began.

I noticed that were 22 players in the room and felt like I had as good a shot as anyone at winning. The 10 second countdown began and the game was in full swing in no time.

My only complaint is how slowly the numbers are called. Compared to 90-ball games it seems like time stands still in between calls. Anyway, my cards were starting to look pretty good with just 4tg after 15 numbers. Ugh but then that’s where they stayed. There was absolutely no movement until almost 25 calls in.

Suddenly things started moving along fast and I had 2tg but before I could even get excited someone called. I was bummed and didn’t even have time to play another game. I’ve still got some bingo bonus money to spend so I’ll be back the first chance I get!


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Eat Sleep Bingo Review

Depending on where you live, usually it gets really hot in summer – at one point it doesn’t really matter whether it is humid or not, or whether you like summer or don’t. Even though there are many days with unbearable heat, I love the early morning hours when everything is still and quiet. It’s a perfect part of a day especially since the blistering sun can be relentless in its focus and the heat feels like a slap in the face.

Just the same as an early summer morning, I look for other things to be refreshing and new, even my favorite bingo sites. Perhaps it doesn’t seem important but I like new and updated layout, and I found it at Eat Sleep Bingo. I enjoyed a new layout and it looked like I was playing at a completely new bingo site. The rooms were filled with players and I chose to play in a 75-ball bingo.

The ticket price was £0.05, and that was great but there were no free cards, so total number of cards was 96. I was so close to a win in every game I played but I was very unlucky. There were games I’d have four or five cards with only one missing number but beyond that was unreachable for me on this occasion. So, my winnings were very, very modest, most often around £0.50, which was devastating.

As a result my playtime was very brief; I think I played bingo half an hour, maybe 45 minutes. I felt kind of tired afterwards so I didn’t want to play any slots. For some reason I didn’t engage in conversation with other players, perhaps it would have made my session a bit better.


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