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Little Miss Bingo Review

I really wanted to play 80-ball bingo but when I logged in to my account at Little Miss Bingo, that room was closed. Since I had to wait 25 minutes for the game to start I could chose to play at a different bingo site, or enter another room; I decided for the letter option. I thought that 90-ball bingo was close enough so I bought tickets and waited shortly for the next game. It started really well; of course, I had so much luck when the prize pool was very modest – for Full House the prizes were around £5.

I really wanted to play bingo but I was very tired so I wasn’t in the mood for chatting even though the chat moderator was quite persistent. At the end, I didn’t even play bingo as much as I wanted – I stayed there for around 45 minutes and had many exciting games. There were a few in which I was Any Line and one to go winner getting around £2.50 and £0.50, respectively.

At the end, I didn’t even play an 80-ball bingo, which wasn’t really important at that moment any more. I decided to try out their slots and this time I opened the “Honey Bees” slot. Right from the beginning I realized it was going to be a good session. I got 10 free spins and I won £5.75, which was a nice start. Only two spins later I got them again and this time I won even more - £14.05.

Additionally, I had some nice wins in the base game, as well, along with some empty spins, of course. I thought about stopping there, but after a few more spins I got Free Spins for the third time and on this occasion I triggered them with four scatters. In those 15 Free Spins my winnings were £13.55; modest but very beneficial for my balance. In the end, I had £32 more on my account and that was awesome. This was a very nice bingo session and I wish I have more of those in the future.


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Sun Bingo Review

It had been way too long since I played some slots at Sun Bingo. I always loved Zuma and as I went to play it I noticed something new. I had never played Fun in The Sun before and I was drawn to it. I especially loved the shapely blonde rocking the bikini alongside the reels. I always love to see a confident curvy girl!

I set my wager to 2.25 and started spinning. This slot offers a beachy theme with cascading reels. It seems that cascades are all the rage with slot games and you actually get more chances to win with one spin so it’s no wonder.

I found that the payouts were actually pretty good. I won over £20 on one spin and £10 on the next. When you trigger line pays, the corresponding symbols disappear and make room for new ones to fall into place. The cool thing about Fun in The Sun is that the wild multiplier increases with each cascade win.

I didn’t hit anything really big but I did manage to play on £100 for a very long time. If you haven’t tried out Fun in The Sun yet you must check it out. It’s out just in time for summer and the days at the beach.


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House of Bingo Review

I have found a beautiful quote by Sydney J. Harris and it says “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” This is very important since feeling stressed in today’s society is pretty much inevitable. Luckily, there are some things that everyone can do to reduce the stress and live a bit more relaxing life. It will help if you do one thing at the time and write everything down which is really helpful since there’s no worry about forgetting. Make short to-do lists because it will help not to get overwhelmed and very importantly make time to do what you love to do.

Playing bingo at House of Bingo is certainly one of the things I really like to do. I entered its 90-ball room, bought tickets with high expectations to be called a winner. But of course, it wasn’t like that. At the beginning, I’d usually have cards with one missing number and that winning one kept on being elusive to me. Then one thing I didn’t like happened. I don’t want to sound like a bitter person, but a woman who was chatting with a moderator said she needed 39 and the first following number that was called was 39 and she covered Full House. It was a coincidence probably, but I still didn’t like that. I was one to go winner most of the time winning really pathetic prizes, usually around £0.3. In a few games I won I got between £2 and £3. As it often happens, I had many cards with one number to go, but my winning number would never be called; that made me sad.

I still had a nice time and I definitively felt better after this bingo session. I just wish I have won more, but perhaps it will be better next time.


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Aunty Acid Bingo Review

I’ve always wondered by babies sleep a lot. That is not really surprising because with any new stimuli explored and every day’s challenges of connecting to the world around them, babies needs to sleep often, and napping provides much needed rest. I miss all that sleeping since I love to sleep; some babies can have just short periods of wakefulness scattered throughout the time, and that is not a cause for alarm. Lucky babies; I want to sleep twenty hours a day and play bingo while I’m awake. Since I wouldn’t have much time I’d have to be careful where I’m playing.

It’s nice when there are many players in bingo rooms; it certainly chatty and fun so sometimes it’s really enjoyable for me aside from the bingo game itself. It’s always fun to play at Aunty Acid Bingo site especially since I like to check their blog with Aunty Acid’s hilarious jokes. After I had a good laugh I entered a 75-ball room; seemed very convenient because there were around 30 players and the ticket price was £0.05. The maximum number of cards was 96 and unfortunately there were no free cards. The patters are letters and that’s a bit boring but I didn’t mind it too much. All in all, it wasn’t really bad, I had some nice wins of around £10 and I had to share winnings with two other players who were winning in almost all games. This time it was interesting that either I would win a game or I would lose, I wasn’t one to go winner even once. But surely, I won’t go to complain about that.

Such a good bingo game was very welcome after a long day at work. I was more relaxed and ready to sleep like a baby; nine hours would be perfectly fine.


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Bingo Vega Review

In the life of a bingo player, some days are lucky and some days, not so much. I was hoping it was going to be a lucky day for me at Bingo Vega so I had to get in there and find out!

I logged in and went straight for the nickel room. I bought a total of 30 cards and had to wait just over a minute for the game to begin. It was a 75-ball game with a prize of just $5.40. The pattern was the Little Dipper with a possibility of a progressive jackpot if called within 19 calls. The progressive was up over $1,100 and I had my eye on it.

The pattern didn’t seem that difficult to achieve but it was beginning to look like it was going to drag on. Were they kidding? The 19 calls came and went and I was miles away from a bingo and it soon became apparent that everyone else was too.

The calls reached the 30’s and my cards began to light up with all colors of the rainbow. I had 1tg, 2tg, 3tg and 4tg. I started getting that sinking feeling that someone was going to call as more and more of my cards went green with 1tg.

Unfortunately it was a “not so much” kind of day but it’s those very days that keep us coming back!


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