Stars and Stripes Bingo 05/12 Review

Hi gang:

I've been busy signing up to alot of Bingo sites lately. Really having a good time. So many of them offer free NDB for new players.

This blog is about Stars and Stripes Bingo. They not only offer a NDB to new players of $25 , they often drop free money into your account on any given day. I check my account often.

I like Stars and Stripes. It is easy to understand, and very straight forward to the new player. I have been to some Bingo Sites, and I tell you, being new, I was lost. Didnt know how to buy a card, or enter a game. LOL

So, I buy my cards, and settle in. I have my coffee, and LCB in the background. These games were fun. I was neck and neck with other players, and then "Bingo has been called" happened, and I wasnt the winner. Sigh....

Next up was the ladder pattern, and right away my card was doing well. I play a decent amount of cards when I play Bingo. I dont just buy one or two, I buy about twelve. I have no idea if this is a good practice or not. lol

I get down to needing three numbers on one of my cards, and it lights up. I love these moments. Love to see that card light up like that. Then down to two numbers....Ohhhhh, cmon "N41" Two more numbers are called and nothing happens. My card remains the same, and my stomach drops. Suddenly N41 is called, and my card lights up bright red, and says WINNER" at the bottom. I won I won.

The pot was not huge. A win of $21.38, but a win none the less. Chat congratulated me on my win, and I appreciated that. I think as my name is new, older players wonder why a newbie had to win the pot instead of them. haha. I think there are regulars to the Bingo sites as well as newbies like me. Do the experineced players look on when a newbie wins with discust? haha I am sure Binog on line is just like in the real Bingo halls as far as that goes.

I am enjoying Bingo on line, and I'll tell you why. The computer does everything for me, I dont have to get eye strain trying search all my cards to blot a number. I can sit back and relax. When I do win I can get excited and not feel silly, as I might in front of others, and even more important, when I lose, I can curse like a sailor and no one can hear me. HAHA

Stars and Stripes Bingo, remember the name. A great place to play.

Good Luck, and have fun.....


Stars and Stripes Bingo Closed - 05/12

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