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Online Casino Blog: August, 2009

Mira BingoBlacklisted Review

I like to check my accounts often (especially when I am broke) just to see if I have any FREE money to play with!! Today there was $5 sitting in my Mira Bingo account. woooooo hoooooo!!! I think by now everyone knows I love 80 ball bingo and 90 ball takes a close 2nd. I bought the max cards for both games!! While waiting I like playing Five Times Riches slot. One of my favorite things about this site is you can play slots with BBs or cash! I had been playing for about a half hour without a win but slots were keeping me alive! Then I saw RED on "Letter G" for $3.23 and on the same game I split the coverall. WOOHOO!! I ended up playing for about two hours before I lost it all. But I HAD FUN!!!! GOOD LUCK ALL!!!!

Mira Bingo - Blacklisted Play Now

BingoG Review

These guys have to be one of my favorite sites. BingoG have my favorite 80 ball and they also have 90 ball bingo. Also I LOVE the fact that they are always sending emails with $5 free offers and who doesn't love free money! I decided to play with my $5 free. Today wasn't a very good day for me. I missed buying cards when I first got to the room, so I decided to play slots while I waited. This was a BAD IDEA!!! When I get ready to buy cards, I could only buy 10 cards at $.15 cents each and 12 at $.10 cents each. I actually ended up seeing RED in 90 ball bingo with 2 lines and winning $1.12. I figure even a little win is better than no win at all. I bought 11 more cards hoping for another win so that I could keep playing, but I didn't even come close. I still had fun though!! GOOD LUCK ALL!!

BingoG Play Now

Free Bee Bingo Review

I hadn't played at Free Bee Bingo in a while so I thought it was time. I use to really love this site until the pots got real little, but I to give them a chance again. The site is great since they give you $50 free to play with every 24hrs, I like playing here when I have no money and want to play bingo. I use to love when they would have 3 part crazy games, you had 3 chances to win and the pots were pretty good. Lately though when I go to play it is the .05 cent games with $4.00 pots, it isn't really worth it. LOL So I reload my account and get my $50 to play with, of course it was the same as usual, small pots but the good thing was every 3rd game or so was a coverall but the pot varied between $100 and $10. I had $2.90 left in my account after I purchased cards for what I thought was going to be my last game. Then I saw RED, the pots was $30 and I had to share it, but I sure was happy to win! GOOD LUCK ALL!

Free Bee Bingo - Closed

Bingo Hero Review

I took advantage of the £5 free bonus that they had emailed me ( they also have £15 no deposit bonus ) . I love this site because they have 90 ball and 80 ball bingo. They both have more than one chance to win and the 80 ball games are FAST!!! Plus in between games I can play slots with the bonus money!!! They have a pretty talkative chat also and everyone knows how much I love to talk!!! I had been playing for a while getting close and making a few cents with the LUCKY 1tg. But I wasn't winning, I was staying alive with my slot winnings but it sure would be nice to see red. I had been playing a little over an hour and I had .09 cents left after I bought my cards, I figured I was playing my last game for the night. When I saw RED for £18.84!!!! After that win I called it a night and decided to save my winnings for another day. GOOD LUCK ALL!!!!!

Bingo Hero Play Now

Bingo Fun Review

So I took advantage of the free $10 that they offer!! BingoFunHouse is one of the sites that actually let you withdrawal winnings from the no deposit offer once you meet the wagering requirements. So I was hoping to get lucky and FINALLY cash out from some free bingo money. I bought 30 cards in the .05 cent room, without paying attention to the pot. Unfortunately there were only 2 other players and the pot was $1.80. Not a wise decision on my part. So I ventured over to the .10 cent room. There were a few more players and at least the pots were over $5 bucks!! I wasn't feeling very lucky, but on my fourth game, WOOOOO HOOOOOO I saw red for $6.12. At least it was a win!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I spent those winnings FAST on video poker. Played a few more games and that was the end of my $10. This site has a lot of potential if only they could get more players! It sure was FUN!!! Good Luck All !

Bingo Fun Play Now

Stars and Stripes Bingo 05/12 Review

What a pleasant surprise to find $25 dollars in my account!! The CM's at StarsAndStripes are GREAT!! I love all the chatting that goes on in the lobby. My first game was soooooo close, but no bingo. Then on my second game, with my lucky # of cards! (18) Woooo Hoooo I saw redfor $57.50!!! I love this site, I almost always get a bingo within my first 15 minutes of playing!!! For some reason I think the "MAGIC" number to SEE RED is to buy 18 cards. (maybe that's just my lucky number) Two games later, WOOOO HOOOO, RED AGAIN for $59.10!!!! I was feeling pretty lucky, SO I played a little Get Crackin slot and of course I was on a losing streak!!! I ended up playing for about two hours off my free $25. You know I gave it all back. BUT IT SURE WAS FUN!!!!

Stars and Stripes Bingo Closed - 05/12


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