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Online Casino Blog: June, 2010

House of Bingo Review

Oooooooo oooooooh!

When you snap your finger or wink your eye, I come running to you. I wanna tell you that I don’t love you, I wanna tell you we are through! But I give into you like a moth to the flame. I am weaker than a woman should be. When you call my name, I can’t help myself and nor can i fight it. You tell me its been a long time and that you miss me. You draw me back to you like honey to bee…….

House of Bingo I just can’t resist some free bingo bucks. I am all yours! How could I resist 15 bb’s and play ALL the games with no restrictions? I really enjoy my bingo bucks when I can play slots too. Off I go to a slot that is perfect for being apart so long…... Honey Bees!

This is a adorable slot. The blond cutie has her hair in a beehive as she winks back at her honey bee. Don’t be fooled by the running shoes the bee has on. If anyone is running its her, straight to her honey bee! It would not be a love story unless we added other honey lovers too. The bee has competition as the bear wants some of that honey. Oh and the flowers wants the bee! Why, the plot has thickened more than the honey dripping from the pots!

I wager 5 cents for a total of $1.00 a spin. There is 20 lines on this video slot giving me more winning combinations. Three honeycombs will give me 10 spins, four will give me 15 and 5 honeycomb scatters will give me a sweet 20 free spins. Five wilds is the jackpot win for 5000 credits.

As I spun the reels, i was not feeling too lucky. My bingo bucks were disappearing quicker than the pollen on the flowers! I needed some free spins to help me along. Unfortunately the free spins never came. My session on this slot lasted about 5 minutes before I went bust.

I may come and go. I might stay away longer than I should. Only next time you won’t have to snap your fingers. I am a fool for my honey….i’ll be back before the honey jar is empty.


House of Bingo Play Now

Saturn Bingo 9/11 Review

Have you ever pointed the telescope at the sky and saw Saturn with the rings and the moons? It must have been a beautiful image...Saturn is a bit less than a billion miles away, actually more like 0.87 billion miles. And Titan is Saturn’s largest moon by far. Its diameter (5,150 kilometers) is more than three times greater than that of any other moon of Saturn. Gerard Kuiper discovered evidence of an atmosphere, so If Titan has an atmosphere,I am wondering perhaps there could be life there...

Setting aside my curiosity behind, I remembered seeing LBB had an exclusive $30 no deposit sign up bonus which is fully cashable if win, at Saturn Bingo. All I had to do was download the software and send the email to their support to claim my bonus. Since being new to the site, I decided to look around while waiting for them to credit my account.

Saturn Bingo uses technically advanced 75-ball bingo, seamless combination of Sphere Bingo software and the ability to play more than 115 RTG casino games like, Video Poker, Real Series Video Slots, Progressive Jackpots that continually reach over 1 million dollars and many other Vegas style games.

With a surprise, they credited my account in an hour and I couldn't wait to try their bingo which was very different than many other bingo sites and new to my knowledge.
They have 75 ball bingo-flagship multiplayer bingo and Bonus magic-single player classic. I clicked 75 ball room and it opened a new window from the lobby and what a simple but well decorated room that was! I started with purchasing 12 cards for each game which cost $3 per game. Without much luck, even though games were fun I left the room to try bonus bingo. Soon as I entered the room and there it new found love which I know will make me want to come back again and again. I started betting 25 cents on each four cards and enjoyed it's fast paced of balls falling. To win, cover numbers any combination like 2L, 3L, 4L, as shows from below pay-table with a total of forty four balls drawn. You can be awarded with multiply cards which values 2X and 3X the original winning card and with all four cards turned on, mystery balls will be drawn randomly at any time during play and when you fill all five mystery balls, you can win a passage to the bonus round which you can win up to 150 times the card bet. Unfortunately I didn't have enough credit left to play longer to get the bonus hopefully next time since I know I will definitely come back to play it again...until then, I ll be thinking of the Cassini, the name of the robotic spacecraft that will study Titan and hopefully in someday we might have a chance to fin out if there really is life out there...


Saturn Bingo - Closed 9/11

Bingo for Money Review

Tropical sounds of Mariachis’ serenade…..

The ocean a deep crystal blue with nights that echo romance as the palm trees sway. The first time I went to Puerto Vallarta i thought I died and went to heaven. Dinner atop a cliff that over looked the ocean at sunset…….. As the waiter tucked in my chair and I sat down I saw the view and I began to cry. He asked me if I was ok and I replied through choked up words…it’s the view….oh it’s the view. He stopped for a moment as if he realized how much he himself took it for granted. He padded me on the shoulder and said I know…..i know…..

The Taco room at Bingo for Money is where memories of that tropical wonderland echoed through my mind. I love the backdrop in this room. Filled with sombreros and mariachis, it took me away to another place...another time.

I like Bingo for Money. It is richly laid out and the graphics are crisp. Playing here I feel confident in a well put together site. It is a Parlay software site which happens to be one of my favorites software. I particularly like the number of bingo rooms that are available to play in…6 rooms total.

The cards cost $5.00 for 12. This was the max/min amount of cards that could be bought, no more no less. The prize for this game was a nice $300. I was up against 36 of my roomies for the cash. The pattern was “High Jump” and jump high I would do to bingo on this pattern!

As it gets close to a win I need one to go on two cards. Oh please let me bingo!! I needed B11 on one card and B3 on the other. As the next number came out I could not believe my eyes as the lovely caller says B3!! It was like the mariachis’ serenading and sweet music to my ears. I did have to share the cash prize with two other roomies which left me with $100 win. Needless to say I was still happy….very happy.

I think I will run to the boarder and get some tacos now…the Taco Bell boarder that is! It will just have to do til I can be in that tropical paradise once again or the Taco Room!


Bingo for Money Play Now

Busy Bingo Review

Have you ever longing for someone so much that at times it almost hurts?

It's one of the deepest feeling... the times of fun, laughter, joy and togetherness can be got back with hours of thinking about someone you love! The distance does not matter, one may be far off in reality but memories of togetherness always bring back people together...

I received an email from Busy Bingo today...saying that they missed me and asked me to come back with a special gift of 5Bb...I remember signing up through LBB but forgot if I even had a account from them..Many of Cozy gaming bingo sites do that so often and it surely shows how much they appreciate all of their players. I logged in and claimed my gift. It brought my balance to 5.20bb but thought it was not enough amount to play their video slot games so decided to play bingo games instead.

They have three bingo rooms which are 90 dosh lounge which is my favorite, 80 bistro and 75 zippy room. They have one of the best promotion going currently in each bingo room. In 90 bingo room, you have a chance to earn free money by score a goal each time you bingo on any line and two lines and full house. for every 10 goals you earn £1.00 In 80 bistro room has promotion which is called free kick starter, every 10a.m to 2p.m you can play one free game, every hour and in 75 ball room a promotion called football mania, if you collect sets of all three patterns, goal post, cup and goal, you will earn £10 cash.

Busy bingo uses cozy game software and it delivers games that are entertaining and safe and their bingo software has some unique treats that stand out as special in the tough online bingo market. 2009 hasn’t brought much news about Cozy Games but in 2008 they won a lot of recognition for the high quality of their software.

Without any doubt, I went to 90 dosh lounge room. I purchased 15 cards and got 6 cards for free from their special deal. Game started for any line. Once the game starts, it moves in a fast paces and that's one of the reason why I love cozy games. Dong dong dong...balls are falling down...I saw three of my cards just needed one more number in each card to get the bingo and boom!!! "BINGO" box pops right in front of my eyes...yay! Although I was not lucky all the way through the whole game of winning two lines or full house...still, feeling content, left the room and saved it for next time.

One maybe far off in reality but so very close in thoughts. So when you feel lonely and feel that you are missing someone you truly love, open up your heart, close your eyes and remember all the memories of that someone...or check your mails to see if that someone misses you too.


Busy Bingo Play Now

Bingo Flash Review

My three year old son and I were watching Wiggle Jiggle show and started to sing and dance chicken song... I'm a rooster on the farm Cock-a-doodle-doo, I am a happy little hen cluck,cluck,cluck. There's a comb on my head Cock-a-doodle--doo, I can lay you many eggs Cluck, cluck, cluck.

The song got stuck in my head now and I couldn't resist wanting to play one of my favoriteslot game, "Get Cracking" and remembered that I had some credits saved at Bingo Flash.Without any hesitation, I logged into my account and with a surprise, I found $33.80 in cash, which was a lot more than I expected.Humming the tune of cluck, cluck,cluck, I opened the window for Get Cracking and set my coin value to $.05, 9 line bet, 3 per line and started the game.Get Cracking is a 5 reel of video slot with 9 pay lines plus 2 extra bonus gamesand a wild hen symbol that can substitute others except the bonus signs.You will love the image of farm animals of pigs,hens,sheep,cows and eggsand you can hear the sounds of them on the background while you spin the reel.It has two bonus features as sizzling bonus which gives you to pick three eggsand fry them from the given twelve eggs and you win the random amount and consist getting three bonus symbols give you the opportunity to take up 5 shots to crack the eggs but the bonus ends when you miss an egg.Today must be my lucky day, I hit the bonus after bonus and my credit balance went up twice more than what I started with...Instead of spinning more I decided to save it for the next time when I sing,Cock a doodle doo~~~Wish you will stop by at Bingo Flash and meet me at the Get Cracking slotsand we can sing this song together with the sounds of sizzling eggs through out the games.


Bingo Flash Play Now

Bingo for Money Review

Hello, bingo lovers!

Who ever said staying home mom was an easy job? It's actually a full time job especially with a little toddler boy at home. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and I need a bliss of solitude. Time for his little nappy and I lie down next to him and started to read him a his favorite book, Green eggs and ham. Boy, feels like it took hundreds of could you, would you lines for him to fell asleep. He can be such a sweet darling baby in one minute and such a monster running around the next minute...

Sitting down with a hot cup of coffee, tasting my first freedom of the day and feel it's warmness slipping through my throat every time I sip it. Time to play some bingo and I found the LBB exclusive $10 bonus at Bingo for money. After I signed up, while I was waiting a couple minutes for an activation email, I decided to check out the site and saw they have great weekday specials and awesome tournaments. Feeling a bit of anticipation, I went to check my email and as soon as I clicked the link to activate my account, here I am,money in my account, all ready and set to go!!! I clicked the Bingo games and saw 5 bingo rooms which are quarter,dimes,fair and square,free blue bingo and nickels. Feeling lucky and greedy, I entered the quarter room, and saw there were 22 players in the room. Thinking this will be a tough game but also gives a fat chance to win the big prize.

I purchased 12 cards and waiting for the game to start. The first who gets the pattern A wins the prize of $37.65. I am counting the clock on the top of the left corner anxiously and finally :00 seconds left and here we go, game starts in!!! While the balls falls down, my heart beat moves faster and faster and my eyes start to burn from staring at the screen side to side without blinking. I have two cards with 2 numbers to go. Afraid of waking my son, I started to whisper the only numbers I can hear. "Give me a B 15, B 9 or N 21 and G 49..." Tapping my foot on the bottom of the desk bars every time I see a different number come down... Suddenly I saw the small winning screen that had popped right in front of my eyes with another player's name... Biting my bottom lip with feeling down for a second but realizing how fun and exciting the game was, even thought I didn't win. Can not wait until the next time I visit Bingo for money and I hope to see you,bingo lover at the game...


Bingo for Money Play Now

House of Bingo Review

Life is one big party at this house……..

I always love parties whether I am throwing one or going to one! The my favorite party I threw was a luau. Hawaiian drinks, leis, complete with grass skirts. Some nice kabobs on the grill with pineapples, cherries, green peppers and chicken for dinner. I have not had or been to a party in awhile. Feeling like I needed a party in the house I decided to come up with the next best thing…….

House of Bingo has a house party for me every time I go. Party Night slot has all the fun of a party without all the fuss and work of preparing. All I need is some people to liven things up. My roomies are in a fine party mood!

This is one of Cozy Games newer slots. I have been very pleased with their new releases of slot games. I played .01 for a total bet of .50. I really like the slots that give free spins for the bonus round. What sets this slot apart from most other slot games is that two scatters will give a player 5 spins. In most cases a minimum of three scatters are required before getting the bonus round. Also the spins can retrigger. This is even a better treat! No wonder its called Party Night! There is plenty of chances for free spins. I got the bonus round multiple times. I played light with most of my bonus rounds giving me anywhere between $5 - $20. One of my bonus rounds gave me 10 free spins with three scatters!

I started out with a bankroll of $25 and ended up with $150 making a nice little profit of $125. This was cause for a celebration. No wonder I am in the mood for a Hawaiian drink with a slice of orange and cherries hanging from an umbrella!


House of Bingo Play Now

Gone Bingo UK Review


Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil is what I tell myself when I am in a bingo room, short on cash! I love playing bingo but I love the side games too. I know it has to be one or the other with limited funds or I will be done in heartbeat if I don’t win. Then again if I win on the side games I could be way ahead! See how I talk myself into it!

I remember I have some left over cash at Gone Bingo. Not a lot so I need to be wise on my playing to get ahead of the game. I head on over to the Green Room where cards are .15 each. Waiting for the next round to begin what do I catch out of the corner of my eye? Wild Vegas slots is staring right back at me. I made a promise I would not play any side games until I could build my bankroll up.

But but but……..i love this and its one of my favorite slots. Don’t do it I tell myself, try to get a nice bingo first! The prize for this game is $53. I want this bingo to be mine! As the game begins I have $7.00 in my account left. I can play a few more games of bingo and have a pretty good shot at it with just 23 players.

As the bingo game is in progress……..i cave in! Wild Vegas here I come baby! As I play the slot I see I am down to needing one number on 4 cards. Almost at the same time I tap out my bankroll on Wild Vegas when I hear…”bingo has been called”. In just an instant I am down to zero in my account. Not even enough to buy one card………sigh.

I led myself into temptation and before I knew it, it was gone….gone…gone. I must admit I enjoyed it while it lasted. Just wonder who many players promise themselves to not play the side games til the have a fat bankroll only to fail and break that promise!


Gone Bingo UK Play Now

Bingo Flash Review

Can I be the first Million dollar winner from Latest Bingo Bonuses?

Winning a million dollars is something we all day dream about. The odds seem so incredibly stacked up against yet that can’t take our dreams away. Whether you play the lottery or a progressive slot machine, we feel like a small fish in a big sea! When it comes to a million dollar coverall in bingo, the competition doesn’t seem to be as fierce!

Bingo Flash has the million dollar coverall tonite. In just a flash I could be worth a million big ones! I enter the room and instantly I feel an excited nervousness. It is possible to actually win the big one! The room is even more enticing to me with the back drop in colors of chocolate. My two favorite things, chocolate and money. The cards here cost $3 each. I purchase 9 cards for a total of $27. Right when I was about to grab a piece of chocolate, the game began.

I look around the room and see there is 23 players. Not bad odds if tonite is the nite to have the winning card. To win the million dollar cover all a player has to win within a certain number of balls called otherwise the jackpot dwindles down.

I saw my dreams go up in smoke as the million dollar jackpot passed me by and the pot dropped. I did need one number when the prize was at $222. That is not a bad prize amount and I would be more than happy to settle for that. As the next number was called I needed N 36. I begin to plead with the caller…….N36 please!

She calls the next number……it is NOT N36. To make matters worse…..i hear the dreaded words……”a bingo has been called”! One winner for this game, with no splits. That is a great win for my roomie.

In the meantime I am back to clipping out coupons and finding the best sales on shoes! One day I will win the big one………and when I do there will be a party for all my LBB friends. Pop the champagne we are about to set sail on the bingo love cruise!


Bingo Flash Play Now

Gone Bingo UK Review

I am gone but I promise not for long…….

I know you miss me. I know your sad. I miss you like crazy too! When you wake up In the morning, there is no song sung. I know your looking through every window and waiting for me to come back. I know your listening for every car that passes hoping that today its me. You don’t understand how I could be gone and why I left. I promise you I will be back…..just think of me gone to play bingo for awhile.

Gone Bingo left a nice surprise for me in my account. I logged in and found 5 bbs! That is always a pleasant treat to find. In the mood for some bingo action. Looking over the rooms I have to find one where the cards are cheap and the prizes are big to make my bingo bucks last longer! I head for the Green Room. I no sooner arrive when I am greeted by one of the nicest chat mods around.

I decide to purchase 25 cards. This will give me exactly 2 games to play. I get another nice surprise when I am give 5 cards free! Once the game begins I quickly look for the options tab. The bingo caller sounded like she was reading me my last rights! No zing, no gusto in her voice at all. Checking the caller option I soon realize she is my only choice.

While the game is in progress, what do I see tempting me? One of my favorite slots is looking back at me in the mini games, Wild Vegas! I think for a moment should I or shouldn’t I is the question. If I play then I will have only one game of bingo. Decisions decisions, what to do, what to do!

Craving bingo just a little more today I stick to the game at hand. The first game was a bust. Not even close did I come. Not one single 1tg to give me a glimmer of hope. Loading up on my cards have one more chance. This time i need the Tree pattern. A cool $65 bucks sure would come in handy about now! Left with just .08 in my account I need to B-I-N-G-O bad! At least I had a few cards with 1tg even though I didn’t quite get to holler.

I may be gone for now but I will be back. As for you Hazel, I promise I will be home soon. And when I do I am going to bring you the biggest steak bone there is from the state of Texas!


Gone Bingo UK Play Now

123 Bingo Review

Strolling for Treasure………

Did you ever go to the beach and see people with metal detectors strolling along the the sand in hopes to find something. That’s just it, what is it they are hoping to find. Lost treasure buried beneath the sand that is from a shipwreck 200 years ago? Or are they searching for some sun worshippers loose change that fell out of their pockets or jewelry that was taken off while they oiled down their bodies. I have often wondered if any real gems from the sea have surfaced. I know I have seen a time or two where that metal detector has gone off like crazy and I wait with baited breath to see what they have uncovered…….nothing!

I decide to find some treasure of my own at 123 Bingo. Trolling for Treasure is one of my favorite slot games. The only thing missing on these reels are the metal detectors! I have a small bankroll of $10 and see if I can make it happen. I wager .25 for what I think to be all 9 lines. What I didn’t realize was I was only playing 2 lines per spin!

Wouldn’t you know for a .50 total bet I land 4 scatters for $12.50. I am wondering how many times players made that mistake and got a nice win. Or your down to your last few cents and can’t play all the lines, when lo and behold……ya hit a nice win on the reels!

Whether your strolling for treasure or trolling for treasure…..a nice little windfall when you least expect it sure does come in handy!


123 Bingo Play Now

Big Bucks Bingo 5/11 Review

I am in a Texas state of mind…….

I know in Texas they say real cowboys know how to ride the bull. I have rode the mechanical bull a time or two and let’s just say I guess I am a city girl at heart. Putting on my jeans, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat are not enough to keep me riding the bull. Even saddled up on a horse I can’t keep up on the trail. What ever made me think I could ride a bull!

I love the icon at Big Bucks Bingo. A rough and tough cowboy rides a buck and never loses the seat of his pants! Set out to play some bingo I reckon I’ll head over to the bingo hall and see what I can do. I sit down to play bingo at .10 card.

I am feeling lucky and excited when I see that the there is only one other player in the room. This is going to give me a 50-50 shot of yelling BINGO baby! I buy 24 cards and receive 24 cards free. That’s what I call a good a nice deal! Saddled up with 48 card its me against the other player.

I play the the first game and the pattern is First Aid. That is exactly what I need after riding the mechanical bull… perfect! I am down to 6 cards that I need one number on. All of a sudden one card turns from yellow to red!!! Bingooooooo, now that’s what I’m talking about!

There was just one little problem……the payout didn’t amount to much. The prize was a mere $6.25. I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I think its time to get my spurs on and find me a room with more players and bigger prizes!


Big Bucks Bingo - Closed 5/11

Big Heart Bingo Review

It takes a whole lot of balls to play this game…..

Feeling nontraditional, i want more than the standard everyday routine of balls. Besides, who should tell me anyway how many balls I can play with right? All I have ever played with was the American traditional balls. It is time to broaden my horizons and play with the European balls. I hear there is a whole lot of balls to play with………

15 more balls to be exact! 90 ball bingo is certainly a brand new ball game in terms of playing bingo for US players. Big Heart Bingo sent a little present my way with 15bbs in my account. Making my way to 90 Dosh Lounge I’m ready to play and get into the action!

The cards are way different than what I am use to, with 9 columns and three rows of numbers. I purchase 15 cards and get 6 free! The room is hopping with chitter chatter more than what I usually see. I am greeting by roomies and before I know it there is hugs and kisses all around.

What sets 90 ball bingo apart is there is more opportunity to win in a single game. There I 3 parts to a game. One line, any two lines and finally finishing with the full house. This made playing very exciting and kept my adrenaline going to the very end of each game.

Naturally I could not resist a little action on the side and played some slots. I played Beach Front and had some luck but quickly gave it all back! This was a room that was far from dull. Between my roomies and all the chitter chatter and the 3 part bingo and side games I was in a gamblers paradise. This was not a room where you go an fold laundry and come back to see if you won!

I like playing with more balls and its nice to break away from the traditional bingo. I highly recommend it for anyone who is bored playing with the same old balls. Now that I have gone European I think I sit down to a nice Continental breakfast this morning. Orange juice, coffee and a cherry sweet roll……..yum!


Big Heart Bingo Play Now


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