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Gala Bingo's £40m Name Change

Gala Bingo is the UK's largest land-based bingo operator, with a total of 124 bingo clubs and more than 1.1million members to date, which means they claim 38% of the UK retail bingo market. In 2006, many years after opening their high street bingo doors, Gala Bingo launched an online bingo site - one which initially ran on their own unique software.

‘Disco Nights' and ‘World Football' - Red Rake Releases 2018

Technology has been progressing more rapidly than ever, and every time it introduces an aspect of everyday life in a digital form, people are forced to learn and adapt to the novelty. While some things have taken tech inventors much more time and effort to get the wider public's approval and acceptance, there are others which simply appear to have been made to exist in cyberspace all along. One such example of a rapidly adopted novelty in the world of modern technologies is the game of bingo.

Guidelines to Understanding the New National Bingo Game

The gaming industry in the UK has been largely regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and its relevant provisions, resulting in clearly defined rights and responsibilities for everyone involved. Due to the massive expansion in recent years, many new platforms and gaming forms have come to existence, causing quite a variety of offerings. In order to cater to the needs of players for each segment separately, numerous land-based and online establishments have come to existence. But when it comes to bingo in particular, it's up to the National Bingo Game Association to ensure that players are offered prime, never-ending bingo action.

Should cartoon themes stay or go for advertising purposes

People used to toil away for days and months at a time, all to the purpose of drawing up a cartoon as much as drawing a smile on their viewers' faces. These products called for great design skill, patience and above all labour - even though there was no heavy lifting, cartoonists were constantly straining their brains over the next big idea. Digital design capabilities and tech advancements nowadays have turned this invaluable form of art into an animation, with the market saturation provoking a change to its core. Not only did topics become all the more exploited and wasted away, but people started doing it for purposes other than people's entertainment.

Lotto-mania in the United States

Lotto-mania has swept across America like a raging tide -- especially when the jackpot climbs into the hundreds of millions of dollars. People ignore the odds and march down to their favorite neighborhood market or convenience store to buy a lottery ticket, hoping and praying it's the one that matches all the numbers. Governments reserve for themselves the right to sell lottery tickets, but it wasn't always that way. In 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was written, citizens could print and sell their own tickets and offer their home or other property as a lottery prize. This practice was quite prevalent during the era of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

UK & US Bingo Demographics - Differences & Similarities

Who would have thought that the 80-year-old bingo lady stereotype was ever going to change, and all the more by the game itself? Bingo has always been a force to be reckoned with, and it is sure to start the reckoning when it seems fit. The game of bingo has managed to retain a constant presence in British society for quite a few centuries now, with the US following suit as soon as it got over its ‘carnival phase'. While the late bloomer still had a long road ahead, UK bingo was long at its top destination - players in the UK were practically flooding over the bingo halls, especially since the 60s when cinema popularity reduced and theaters were left vacant.

The Ultimate Electronic Bingo Showdown

Bingo is one of the oldest games to have survived up until today's modern times. Many find the reason in its simplicity - all that players need to do is keep track of the caller and note the numbers in their cards until they get a winning combination. However, the other segment of the bingo-oriented population believes that it's the unique type of skill and the entertainment factor provided by it that have sustained bingo throughout the centuries.

The place of bingo in the modern world of online gaming

When talking about gambling, bingo is not the first type of game that comes to mind. It might not even be on option for most people. How wrong they are! Online bingo is incredibly popular in certain parts of the world that have a thing for games of chance. United Kingdom harbors a special love for numbered balls, so much so that it is threatening to surpass even their passion for sports betting. Expanding from bingo halls to the virtual realm, it used to be known as a favorite pastime for ladies, but now the genre has evolved conquering all demographics.

Bingo Fest tour

s promised, another video bingo review is complete and you know this US-friendly brand well. LBB presents a tour of Bingo Fest in a digital format designed to give potential players the look and feel of the lobby, bingo rooms, slots and table games. Before we get into the specifics, here's a little backstory for you. Bingo Betty insisted that she work on the video despite how drained she was after the last one.

Scratch off the winning numbers

Just down the street from our apartment complex in Charleston, S.C. is a service station and convenience store. The girl who works days behind the cash register is Maria, a pretty native of Guadalajara, Mexico. She is rarely without a smile and is full of energy for her regular customers. 'Hello, Amigo,' she will sing out to me as I enter the store. 'Are you ready to hit the lottery and take me dancing?' Now I rarely play the lottery or the scratch-off tickets that are lined up next to the cash register.

Interview with Pavel Dergachev

Wondering where bingo fits in with live games providers? The crew behind the Russian software known as Bingo Boom has turned its attention to our favorite game. The result? A booming live bingo business. While not yet available on bingo sites, the company extends its reach on the casino side via several key partnerships with operators and content aggregators. Apart from bingo, the product range includes Keno Boom, Money Wheel and Lucky Line to name a few.

Bingo, Mobilots and Bitcoin at Bingo Billy

Bingo Betty busted out the video software to whisk members off on a tour of Bingo Billy's bingo rooms. While playing bingo, she got a bit carried away and went a little crazy playing all those games from BetSoft, Mobilots and Parlay. We found her face down on the desk last week from pure exhaustion - cans of red bull scattered everywhere. It took hours of editing, but our team managed to put together a fantastic finished product. So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to play there, or at this point, you're just curious to see what Betty got up to, we've got all the deets here.

Bingo annual report 2017

At some point in our life we have all heard someone yell 'Bingo!' and knew exactly what it meant. With the game's simple and easy-to-pick-up nature it is played by people of all ages and with its format, it is easily translated into an online game, which keeps it a big success in today's modern digital age. The sheer creativity of online sites takes the game to players that are completely different than the actual Bingo Hall visitors.

Benefits of Real Money vs Free Play

ave you ever sat back and wondered why any gambler would play in fun mode when there is a whole online world filled with real money games? The answer seems obvious enough but in reality, it's a loaded question worth exploring. Whether you are a once in a blue moon depositing player or play on a regular basis, at one time or another you've experimented with free money games. Online bingo portals are proficient in accommodating a full spectrum of players by understanding what is one customer's playing style is not necessarily another's.

Online bingo sites' withdrawal rules

Online Bingo sites have a different set of rules and limits than casinos, therefore it is like trying to compare apples to oranges. Today, however, there is a fine line between bingo and casino sites. Back in the early days, there was strictly one software with a small section dedicated to slots and if lucky table games. Fast forward to the present and if it weren't for the list of bingo options it's difficult to differentiate the two. That is not a grievance instead a vast improvement and beneficial advantage of gambling options available at one location.

New Online Bingo Sites in 2016

It's nearly a week into the new year and we still can't stop talking about 2016. As we look to the future, it seemed fitting to look to the past. It was a pretty busy time for the bingo industry as new brands were popping up left and right. We reviewed many of them here and a few simply stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here's a recap of some of the most noteworthy bingo sites listed on LBB in 2016.

Interview with Chit Chat Bingo and Sisters

Did you know that Chit Chat Bingo is under new ownership? Ever wondered what happened to Yahoo Bingo? We caught up with Praharsh, manager of Maxi Affiliates, to bring us all up to speed. Now running on the Dragonfish platform, find out about its switch from the Gtech bingo network to join Bid Bingo and Bingozino. Read on for more including what's to come in the new year.

Powerball winners

Are you destined to win? I am not talking about being lucky. I am referring to destiny. Are you destined to win a fortune? Some years ago I was hired as associate editor for a new magazine that was published out of Naples, FL. The magazine was called LottoWorld and, as the name indicates, it was about lotteries. My editor was an incredible journalist named Barry Miller. He was brilliant at his job, fun to work for, and absolutely believed in the power of numbers.

Bingo Hall - one of the best online bingo sites for US players

We know bingo and we know that many of our members are also members of Bingo Hall. This brand, along with its sister sites, is one of the best sites for US players. The game selection is comparable to what you'd find with an online casino but better because it has bingo!

Charitable online bingo sites

How many time have you gambled, lost and walk away feeling guilty, thinking about what you could have done with the cash just blown on Bingo, Slots or Casino games? Oh sure we try to make up for it, or so we think we do by cancelling that dinner date or buying lots of ramen noodles in place of those juicy stakes at the grocery store convincing ourselves we were going vegetarian anyway!

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