Online Or Offline, Bingo Brings Out The Brawl

Gentlemen are no stranger to witnessing bar room brawls down at the local watering hole. Maybe they even come home with a black eye themselves now and again. But did he ever dream his girl would come home from a bingo brawl? You are completely unaware that bingo is a serious game! Sure she may leave the house with her little cardigan sweater on and a basket full of good luck trinkets. She gives you a peck on the cheek on the way out and tells you dinner is in the oven waiting. You smile and wave as you watch your little lady walk down the street. All the while thinking bingo is safe haven for your honey. You grab a plate, sit back in your easy chair, remote in hand without a care in the world.

For this bingo loving player she is far from innocent. It won't take too much to turn this sweet woman you come to know into a bingo brawler. Oh there are triggers to her madness. If you are a devout player you know all too well what buttons not to push. Of course the cardinal sin every player knows is not taking a 'regulars' seat. We can only have mercy on the innocent newbie that doesn't know bingo etiquette and sits in the wrong chair. Bingo twice in a row and you might get daggers from on lookers making you wish you never won at all. If she needs one number to bingo and she is chanting that number with every bingo call made, I hope your not sitting next to her when you yell bingo! After all, she needed one number on the last ten calls. How dare you claim a bingo so quickly within two calls of needing your number.

She comes home, her cardigan not so neatly buttoned and her basket of trinkets not so carefully placed as when she left. She has a look of just coming back from major combat. You begin to speak when she says to you 'NOT NOW'! What could of possibly happened, she has been at bingo all night? After she calms down a bit she explains to you how the woman next to her won a bingo that should have been hers. An argument ensues and there was a scuffle.

That's it you exclaim, you play bingo online from now on. Pondering the idea, she agrees that is the best thing to do. The following day she signs up to an online bingo. Confident this is going to be much more fun and stress free. Time seems to fly as hours pass by. Suddenly there is a chat room squabble and she finds herself right in the midst of it. Someone bingos twice in a row and a roomie begins to call the winner names! How dare she be such a poor sport. She jumps in to rescue the winner from the harsh comments made and before she knows it she is in a online bingo room brawl. Her sweetheart comes home after a hard day's work. He sees her online and looking slightly agitated. He asks her what's for dinner. She barks back at him 'make it yourself'!

This is when he realizes bingo brings out the feisty side of his woman. But can he blame her? He has been in his own bar room brawls. He looks at her and sees his reflection as a smile comes across his face. A new revelation that he has more in common with her then he ever noticed before. At least online he won't have to worry about her getting a black eye.

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