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Chillymellow has been a member of the LCB network since 2009, and has been active online bingo player. With a streak of good luck she won not only one big jackpot but two totaling $1,600 in cash winnings. Her first win was a Slot Tournament at 241Bingo and here second even bigger win for $1,000 was a Cyber Bingo.

LBB was fortunate enough to catch up with Chillymellow and get a personal interview with her.

1. How long have you been playing bingo online?

A little over 3 years now. Funny how much things have changed *and* how some things are still the same!

2. Have you been a longstanding player at 2-4-1 Bingo and Cyber Bingo?

CyberBingo was one of the first bingo sites I joined. I'll have to say, it's the only one of the first 5-10 that is still around. I had more money to spend on bingo entertainment back then and have some nice screenshots of some good slots wins.

2-4-1 is a part of the bingoaffiliates group. I actually joined Amigo bingo at the advice from roomies on Cyberbingo. But, never really played there much. I didn't understand the "network" of "sister sites" back then. I joined 2-4-1 a bit later. They had only two rooms, a couple off Parlay slots, but gave you two-for-one on everything.

Now, Amigo and 2-4-1 and a few other bingoaffiliate sites share the same platform, so other than the branding, it is the same site. But I sign onto 2-4-1. I have the same account number at both, so there was no problem with being active on both sites.

3. Was this your first Slot Tournament at 241 Bingo?

The whole "parlay slots tournament" is the first I have entered, but I have entered it for several weeks. The first time, I placed, which was fun. And, seeing how EASY it was to win, tried again the next week and won the top spot for $250. They count each win as a point in the tourney, and you have to play slots with cash. So, I used up my cash at the minimum spin amount and then went to bingo to resupply the cash balance. Using the chat games as extra bankroll, I would buy 1 card, hope to get bbs (5 or 25 each gamdepending on your VIP status) and be spinning the Parlay slots at the same time. Buying bingo cards with your cash mohey takes away from the cash balance, so you want to only buy one card if you are concentrating on winning the tourney. Three times this week, I won bingo with 1 card!

Currently I am in first place for the week, and the tourney ends at midnight!

4. What slot was featured in the tournament?

Any and all Parlay slots. I pretty much had settled at one in particular, 3xThe Riches, as it has the highest win ratio for me. Might not win big, but usually a hit at least every other spin! I posted a winning screenshot, though, of Hollyweed Reels, which I hadn't played much as it just didn't seem to hit often. However, it hit big with a $2.25 bet paying out $100.

I like Parlay slots.

5. Is this the first time you have ever won this much playing at a Bingo Site?

No...but it is the best I have done in about 3 years! Not only did I play the Parlay slots tourney, which has been ongoing for awhile, I also played their Slots Tourney last month and placed once, won top prize the next week! That was really cool, because every parlay slot win counted in both tourneys! I was number one in both that one week that I was able to cashout with $500.

My winnings in my early days at Cyberbingo were awesome - making over a thousand in one spin a few times. Of course, I was throwing my money around like it was sawdust at the time - LOL $26 bets... very rarely would I take that chance these days. (let me know if you want a copy of those screenies though they may already be on site somewhere)

Congratulations Chillymellow as our latest bingo winner!

6. What thoughts were going through your mind after you won again for the second time?

LOL...mostly $$$$$$$$$$$$. Then I thought, well, let's get this cashout going so I can get on to the next tourney! It is rather an ordeal waiting on the cashout process. A week without playing anything, then nervous they might not approve, or drag it out. But it was smooth once I set my mind to not reversing!

7. Do you have any special plans with your winnings?

Oh gosh, yes. Property Taxes. : ) I've been behind every year. Some of it, of course, was reinvested, with a high probability of a return (i.e....winning the parlay tourney again!). I really like to play for fun, without too much concern for how much or how often I win. It's my entertainment budget. So when a cashout is made, it's really quite nice.

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Members Comments

  • Australia joshac


    Great interview and great WIN! congrates Chillymellow :)

  • Spain zuga


    congrates on your win Chilly !

  • United States chillymellow


    Ah, I finally found my article! Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Right as this article was being prepared, I got hit with a sudden rule change at Amigo Bingo. You can find some of the issue in the forum, under a topic similar to "it shouldn't have to be so hard to figure out the rules". Well, it is if you put them in small print on a page you've looked at a hundred times.

    The rule change that caused the rift between chillymellow and the bingo affiliates? Instead of the top 5 winners of the slot tournament receiving their respective prizes, now the top five will go into a draw and the winning places will be chosen based on the results of that draw. And they had the nerve to say "because you asked for it" as IF anyone in their right mind would do so.

    It wouldn't have been quite so horrible for me had I not made an extra deposit to ensure my winning number one spot. And had I not played and played all my bingo winnings on the parlay slots so I could win again. I guess I intimidated the players or something for anyone to suggest a lottery out of the top five winners. Heck, I could have stopped spinning and throwing away my money a hundred dollars back. If I had known.

    The "change" supposedly occurred during that week I had to sit out from playing because I had a "pending" cashout. So, I didn't notice anything. I also didn't notice anything the many times I reloaded the promo page to check on the leaderboard.

    Ah, well, I told them to cancel my accounts. They didn't. I wasn't happy with the $75 they gave me for 4th place instead of the $250 I was going to cash out. I couldn't even cash out the $75 as it was below the minimum. Sheesh!

    But Cyberbingo and I are still good friends. And, since my issue was pretty personal, I can still recommend Amigo bingo just watch the fine print folks, and the red tape!

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