To Dab or Not to Dab: That is the Question

Some bingo sites allow players to manual dab their cards or to use the auto-dab feature. It's fairly safe to say that most every online bingo player chooses to auto-dab their cards. This leaves the hands free to drink our coffee, tea or maybe something a bit stronger. When playing in the bingo halls or clubs is it better to go with the electronic bingo machines or to dab manually? To dab or not to dab becomes the question.

Some players feel that those who choose the electronic route have an unfair advantage. There are a number of reasons for this but are their concerns valid? Okay, so you purchase and electronic bingo machine and it's virtually impossible to purchase just one ticket per game. There are all sorts of packages starting at higher prices than the cost of paper bingo tickets. Electronic players are paying more and also get more tickets for each bingo game. Is this fair? I've witnessed many players almost lose their minds because the machines constantly seem to win. It would seem that they are winning due to having more tickets than the rest of us, right?

Playing bingo in the clubs in the UK has proved to be an interesting experience. It's the paper book folks against the electronics. It's like we're in a gang sharing the same turf with very different weapons. With so many machines in play, how can someone manually dabbing each number win? Being an electronic player is certainly more convenient and leaves you able to focus on people watching. Arguments of cost and fairness seem to surround electronic bingo.

If you're an electronic player you almost become nervous to bingo. The daggers come from all areas of the room and make you want to sink in your seat. You may walk out a few pennies richer if you win so weigh your options.

Are you a member of the paper players or the electronics?

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    I have a love-hate relationship with the electronic bingo machines. Maybe it's just the ones we have around here that have this particular problem I am experiencing. Even though it is electronic, you still have to punch in the numbers that have been called. And there's some other little tricks to using the machine.

    Problem is, there are no instructions for the new players. And that was me. I couldn't figure out how to get a number in there that I had missed putting in there. Who do you ask? There's no "help desk". If you stop and ask people around you in the middle of the game they get ticked off because, obviously, they are trying to concentrate.

    I've been lucky to find help in the past, but I haven't been in awhile and it will be the same thing all over again. I feel stupid when technology intimidates me. Especially something so simple as the bingo machine!

    I see the other players with their various forms of paper cards. Some have these huge sheets full, some have tiny sheets full. Oh, if I wasn't such a freshman, and oh, if I could only go to town and play more often, so I would know more and increase my odds of a successful bingo event.

    The other thing at the land based bingo that I'm unsure of is the little side games. First of all, what are they? Second, I can't hear well and the people running around the room selling these little cards have heavy accents, so I have NO clue what they are saying. But people are buying these like crazy! When I did finally buy some, then I had the problem of, well, how the heck do I know if this is a winner? I'm still clueless.

    What I'd LIKE to see is an instruction booklet of some kind that explains what these things are that I am missing. Would that be so hard to provide?

    So, I think my favorite way to play my bingo is on those little slider cards at the county fairs. How hard is that, slide the little slider over to cover up the numbers that have been called? Works like a charm unless your cards have been around as long as you have and sliding one number slides your whole row. Then you have to correct it, and might miss a call.

    Oh, the quandry! But of COURSE I use the automatic version online. I even go in and tweak my dauber's color and shape to my liking. If I tried to manually daub my cards, well, I'd better not have "cards" I'd better have just one card or I am sure I will miss the winning number. Now, where's that button to push for "BINGO"??

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