For the Love of Bingo!

As bingo players we'll take bingo any way we can get it. We play online bingo, mobile bingo and of course our go-to land based bingo. Sometimes it may cause us to jump through some hoops just to have time to get in on a game. With all the things we pack into a day this can prove difficult at times but where there's a will there's a way for the love of bingo!

I've told a white lie or two to escape to an afternoon of bingo. Maybe I've claimed to go grocery shopping or shopping for household items just to free up a block of time to bingo. It's a bit of a dead giveaway when I return without a single bag but the wins are always welcome. Perhaps you've called in to work claiming to be sick so you would have a day entirely to yourself. Be careful though as these white lies can backfire on you.

I recall a time when there was going to be a big money game at the bingo hall and I wanted to attend so badly. There are afternoon and evening bingo sessions but I knew that the night time session would be jammed with eager players. I decided to call up my work and do some coughing to show how sick I was and that I couldn't possibly function at work that day. I hung up the phone, giggled and got ready to win some big money.

I entered the bingo hall and bought my cards. Once in my seat, the games began shortly after. I scanned the room to see how many competitors I had and I spotted a co-worker. Had she done the same thing? It was actually her day off and I had no idea that she was a bingo player nor had I known that we frequented the same bingo hall. If she saw me I was in trouble. Now, I had a decision to make. Do I stay or should I make a break for the door. With a few thousand up for grabs I was staying!

In the end I didn't win but I didn't get caught either so I suppose I had a stroke of good luck. I did it all for the love of bingo!

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    While I have never escaped to a land bingo site for any special games I am quite guilty of diverting my time when it comes to online bingo games. You know how it is. Free hour or hours of bingo time, and someone else wants your attention. What to do? Well if they are right in front of you there's not much you can do except say 'excuse me a moment while I purchase my cards for this free game.'

    I try to keep up with all of the free bingo I can so this happens a lot. I don't answer the phone if it rings, I don't go to the door if there is a knock. I'm in the bingo zone, folks. I do try to check my messages and take care of anything important. My nemesis is the time-zone changes. I don't know how many times I've been an hour late or an hour early for my scheduled bingo time. All because of the time difference. Why I can't get it straight, I'll never know.

    Some sites are nice to offer reasonable games all night long. I'm usually not interrupted by distractions in the middle of the night except for the occasional dog-cat fight which demands my attention. But a lot of sites don't have anything going on at night. I like it when they have night owl tournaments or at least something more than 25 cent games paying only around $10. If you get more than 6 or 7 players, you can really spend way too much just trying to get one bingo.

    Have I made hasty decisions when I was pressured for time and I had to choose between buying my cards or checking the oven? YES. Have I inadvertently ticked off a friend or family member by being distracted by the caller and the sound of BINGO!?? YES. Will I change my ways? Doubtful!

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