Online Gamblers Still Repent 'Let Freedom Ring'

It has been 6 years, one month and three days but who's counting? It was the day that Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) stopped gamblers dead in their tracks as they woke and were stripped of their freedom. Feeling stifled, shackled and bewildered by what is referred to as the 'Act' was indeed the final curtain call as President Bush shouted CUT.

Let Freedom Ring has roots that date back to Samuel Francis Smith in his poetic lyrics America the Beautiful in 1831. It is a quote that has been borrowed throughout history and packed a powerful punch in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech 'I Have a Dream'.

Today, borrowing some quotes from the great King himself, commemorating what would be his 84th birthday on January 21st 2013:

'A right delayed is a right denied.

I am not interested in power for power's sake, but I'm interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good.'

What is the definition of freedom anyway, do we really know anymore as we scramble to the dictionary to confirm its validity:

1. The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.

2. Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.

3. The power to determine action without restraint.

4. Political or national independence.

5. Personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slave who bought his freedom.

The United States was built upon freedoms that have been tarnished and distorted throughout history, yet it is still the very constitution of belief Americans refuse to let go of. Injustice of such liberties serves only one purpose; control beyond a reasonable explanation that equates to a new age era of Greed by the bodies of Government that rule our great land.

As we lay in wait, we rifle through every tedious detail of the UIGEA and conclude online gambling is not illegal for the player, but for the banks and financial institutions who process transactions. It leaves many online Bingo, Casino and Poker sites quaking in the wake of destruction and shutting the virtual door with US restrictions.

The online Bingo/Casino/Poker community still waits in the shadows as they listen closely for the liberty bell to ring. In the distant echoes through the wind, shakes the foundation of our landscape a final Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

'We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.'

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  • United States chillymellow


    Many freedoms in America are being tested these days, as they have been tested on most days, time after time. The only way to keep the freedoms is to fight or them. Freedom is never free.

    I'm glad that not too much complacency has been seen by players, at least not in this forum. Always innovative, Americans have played every angle to keep their online experiences as normal as possible. But many have suffered due to the advantages being held by the sites where we play. We have little recourse to recoup any losses that seem unfair.

    Nobody minds a gamble, nobody expects to always win, but when you do win and the site keeps your money away from you, it is very bitter indeed. You can of course take any action you can find to take, from player complaints to contacting higher support levels, casino reps, posting on websites or simply discontinuing to give the site your money. But you can't, in the USA, complain to the governing agency as there is none to help you. What a shame.

    USA needs to step up to the plate and address this issue like the thoughtful nation that it is and will always be. We need to quit punishing ma and pa and rewarding unscrupulous sites with loopholes and ways around paying their rightful winners. Take some initiative and contact your lawmakers and ask them to get to work on the freedom of allowing citizens to spend their money where they want and have their country back up their decisions by regulating and duly collecting taxes for online gambling. Give us back our Bingo!

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