Winning is Like Dancing Cheek to Cheek

We have all contemplated what heaven would be like, but every day there is heaven right here on earth. Like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so is the concept of heaven. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers floated across the dance floor like two angelic unearthly souls when they danced to Cheek to Cheek. Like Michael Clarke Duncan's character in the cinema blockbuster Green Mile, heaven represented this dancing duo when he watched in wild eyed wonder quipping 'what is angels, like angels up in heaven'.

Like kissing your soul mate for the first time, welcoming a brand new baby into the family fold or beating that dreaded cancer and knocking into submission, the state of heaven strikes us all. It's those kind of moments that leave a permanent imprint that last a lifetime of feel good memories.

The gambler experiences a state of seventh heaven every time they win. It's that euphoric feeling that simply can't be explained or can compare to anything else to that magnitude. Whether it is the Bingo winner leaping for joy, the Slot player reeling with excitement or the roar at the Roulette table, the thrills are unparalleled.

They say money isn't everything in life and believe it or not neither is it for the player who scoops up an exorbitant amount of cash off a Scratch Card or Poker hand. It is so much more than that as you ask yourself what ever did I do to deserve such a good fortune. It becomes a spiritual quest as we take pride that it's owed to good karma or perhaps that guardian angel was at our side at that precise moment guiding us.

The bingo player and the casino gambler is a suspicious lot and when winning there is pride that takes shape that reminds us that good things happen to good people. We can be so quick to criticize ourselves and when the winner emerges so does the so does the self-confidence soar that says…..yes I have earned this and by golly I deserve it!

It is the gambling Gods at work making a proclamation it's your time to shine. And the real beauty of it all is it comes from within, that magical euphoria that says yes I am a winner in more ways than one.

Michael Clarke Duncan, may he rest in peace, was a winner too receiving an Oscar for his performance in Green Mile. His riveting role will be most remembered for the Cheek to Cheek scene whose lyrics clearly say it all………

'I'm in heaven, and the cares that hung around me through the week, seem to vanish like a gamblers lucky streak'.

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    Heaven is a wonderful place, and gambler's heaven, well, is heaven on Earth. For me, Bingo Heaven is a place where all bonuses are cashable or at least, winnings from the bonuses are cashable, where there are no wagering requirements, and where each time I log in I have a positive balance and can play and play and play all day. Where all players are accepted and all players are equal and all players get at least one really nice bingo a day.

    Where do I find this magical place? Well, I have to travel far and wide to get close, and maybe someday it will be closer still. Closer to Heaven is also a wonderful place to be. It's much further from Hell, which is very easy to find yourself in when gambling online.

    Hell means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and in the bingo world, it usually means your luck just plain stinks up the place. You deposit, you get a great bonus, and you accidentally hit max when buying 120 cards at five bucks apiece. Or you forget to put in your picks for the chat games and play for days without getting any bbs. Or you are always one number away and keep getting beaten by B10. Or you would have won that jackpot if you had just maxed that bet. Lots of ways to be in hell. I've always thought of it as a place where you see all that could have been, but you screwed it up. And that entails a lot of bad bingo moves and slips in the slot playing.

    Heaven is much more pleasant. I'd like to see all my friends there. All my roomies. All good bingo players should go to heaven when their number is called. We've earned our spot. We keep on playing, and in the end, oh the joy of heaven that awaits us.

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