Fun is Spelled B-I-N-G-O

BINGO is a fun game of chance. Although not necessarily considered a game requiring years of skill, it is nonetheless a wonderful game and allot of fun to those of us who play. By increasing our odds with added cards, good luck charms and large daubers, we can all put our own personal touch on our private "work areas" as the game roll along. BINGO has always seemed to be the front runner for fund raisers at churches throughout the region thereby receiving obvious approval from up above....

Sizeable crowds always add to the mystique, excitement and high energy levels of those who participate. Although a small group of attendee's may make for better odds, a boring group can also bring about premature fatigue. True BINGO enthusiasts can immediately relate to the reason the word BINGO has been capitalized throughout this article! It's fun to shout it out loud! There's even a song about a dog named BINGO! It's all in good clean fun!

For those novice rookie players who may be reading this, it may take you awhile to achieve the status of a true BINGO veteran. We know the draw to the game. We can put up our wall and "appear" to be in control, even though we are always excited to engage in a game! The sound of spinning ping pong balls. The rolling cage. The announcer's enthusiasm. The overzealous eager player who shouts out BINGO by mistake!

Of course it's also about bonding with friends who share your passion and interest. It's about seeing the same folks over and over again and meeting new people. Winning isn't a bad draw either.... for the most part, it seems that BINGO has slipped under the radar. Although it is gambling, it seems to have always been an acceptable form. More mild and harmless. BINGO has also enjoyed a long socially acceptable history in areas where other games of chance have not been accepted.

These days, online social media sites also have BINGO fan pages and online clubs. People are connecting through the internet with BINGO as a common denominator... some could even argue about the potential for the educational value of the game. Numbers, letters, comprehension, recognition, association and more!

All in all, it doesn't matter who understands or values the game. Those of us who enjoy BINGO know what works for us. Allot of people have failed at things they didn't even like doing. Therefore, you should do things you enjoy and remember…..

WINNERS are LOSERS who got up and tried one more time!

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